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This message will help those who are young avoid pitfalls and gain lifelong wisdom in relationships, and help them look past the surface to what really matters in a marriage partner. For those who have been hurt by past relationships, this will inject both healing for the past, and hope for the future.

Pastor and Author of Spirit Life Training

I invite you to walk with Linda as she takes you step-by-step through her life, giving you the 'Proceed with Caution' warning signs that she has learned along her journey. She gives practical examples and encouraging words along with scriptures—without preaching—that we can apply to our daily single life. There is another important topic that Linda touches on. Through Linda's journey, there were times when she felt more rejection than compassion from some of her Christian friends and fellow church members, teaching us the importance of walking along side of our single friends rather than judging them when they are going through challenging times. I know, because I've been on both sides of the fence on this one.

Speaker, Writer, Blog-talk-radio-host, Blogger Author of Lady and the Sea, a novel based on her true story.

Lexington, South Carolina

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