Linda is available for keynotes & breakout sessions,
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Linda Marie Abu-Hamid speaks from the heart to move audiences throughout the world. She has spoken throughout the world as a Pastor and highly sought after speaker.

Based in San Diego, California, Linda was a single mom for 18 years giving her true insight to the challenges, fears and joys of being single. As the author of “Single but Not Alone,” Linda has shared her message to thousands throughout the world including City Boards, on televised broadcasts, on radio broadcasts, in training seminars and private events.

Linda’s goal is to bring wisdom and healing to many who are feeling alone. The message she shares helps people to avoid pitfalls and gain wisdom that they can take with them through a lifetime of relationships and look past the surface to what really matters.

When Linda is not ministering and helping others she is active in her community and ran city office in her hometown. She spends her time with her family, trying new recipes and playing with her dogs. She is currently working and drafting a second book.

Speaking Topics: Talks:

Learning and the ways we learn.

We all have different learning styles. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart and I am excited about this opportunity to share with you what I have ‘learned’ over these many years. How you choose to apply this to your life and circumstances is up to you.

The Power of a Good Example

One thing for sure, your children are listening and more is caught than taught. Being a good example starts at home. I could go on and on with the list of examples that have impacted my life. Setting a good example and following a good example are essential for learning.

The Power of Cursive

It is very important that we teach this and continue with it for generations to come. Cursive Writing is a style of writing where the pen does not have to leave the paper. By using this style of ‘hand writing’ it combined the brains coordination and motor skills.

Asking Questions to Get Results.

Questions can have a lot of purposes. One is to ask questions that get results. There are key points to learning how to do this.

Staying Calm in The Storm

Can you sleep when the wind blows through your situation?

Power of Words.

Our minds are like computers that store more than we realize. The words we hear, whether it be our main learning skill or not, have profound impacts on us for years after we have heard them.

Information Overload

In a time of so much social media and constant bombarding of information, it is important to not get ‘information overload’. Everything is a temporary situation.

Fear is a Liar

Fear can hinder us more than we realize. The opposite of Fear is Faith, the substance of things hoped for and the ‘Evidence of things not seen.’ Both fear and faith require believing in something.

The Art of Communication

Everywhere I have worked, I have said, I am going to put big signs up on the wall, Communication – Communication – Communication! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that we forget to stop and hear what someone else is really saying.

Addictive Behavior

There are many types of addictive behavior. Some may surprise you. Not all addictions are substance related.

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