Learning Truth

Learning Truth

I am excited about this opportunity to share with you what I have ‘learned’ over these many years. After having my daughter, I was asked about my reason for returning to college. My quote was “you will learn the truth, and the truth will make you free’. It is not just the truth that will set you free, it is the process of learning that sets you free. I have spent years studying and seeking truth. This way I would believe something because I would be able to know and discern for myself based on truth and not tradition or expectations.
It is the learning that is going to set you free. Free to grow and change and have better relationships, get better jobs. It is the learning that is going to set you free and give you the ability to know the truth.

This teaching you are about to begin is built from a strong background in theology and professional business environments. One of my favorite quotes is ‘My people parish from a lack of knowledge’. Many of do not like to study history, however how many times have we heard ‘history repeats itself’. Learning from the past can help us to make different choices in the future.

There are different ways that we all learn, knowing your learning style will help you to learn. This will remove the fear and intimidation many of us can experience in learning situations. By knowing how you yourself learn, you will be able to start enjoying learning situations.
These sessions all have to do with learning and different topics you can learn from and apply to everyday life in working situations as well as relationships.
How you choose to apply this to your life and circumstances is up to you.

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