Meet Linda Marie Abu-Hamid

“Powerful… genuine… inspirational!”

Linda Marie Abu-Hamid grew up in La Habra Heights California where she enjoyed riding horse and raising a variety of farm type animals.

She participated in theater, dance, drill-team and cheer leading.

She attended Bible College while raising her daughter. She is known for her positive attitude and life changing smile.

She is currently living in San Diego California where she and her husband Abraham Pastor at Spoken Word Church of San Diego.

You can reach her at or through Motivational Press.

Single But Not Alone …

Linda Marie Abu-Hamid’s “Single but not alone” Press Release.

Linda Marie Abu-Hamid is proud to announce the release of the book Single but not alone, to be released by. Linda Marie Abu-Hamid finds inspiration from her faith in God and her love for her daughter as well as her compassion for hurting women longing to be loved and cared for.

The more she opened up and shared with others about her book, the more inspired she became that this is something that people truly need to feel encouraged and hopeful. She is hopeful that through opening up and sharing that more people will benefit and find that place of contentment sooner. She is inspired each time she sees a face light up and show hope after she shares a bit of her story.

In the words of Timothy Jorgensen, Pastor and Author, “Single but Not Alone chronicles a journey that will minister and bring wisdom and healing to many. In matters of the heart it is so easy to get caught up in the emotion of the moment and forget that the One Who loves you the most will nurture and protect this desire of our hearts for a relationship. This book tells a very personal story of mistakes made, lessons learned, and how God brought healing and fulfillment out of both missteps and tragedy.


In an engaging interview, Linda Marie Abu-Hamid can discuss:

Her inspiration for this book. How she became involved with the theme for this book. What her goals and intentions are for this book. Questions the readers may have.

Sharon Leaf, Author said, If you are single and tired of the sometimes good, the oftentimes bad, and the occasional ugliness of your life, then don’t go a step further until you read Single, but not Alone.

I invite you to walk with Linda as she takes you step-by-step through her life, giving you the ‘Proceed with Caution’ warning signs that she has learned along her journey.

Linda’s story tells how much God loves us through all the bad and the ugly times, and no matter what we’ve done or how much guilt we have carried, He forgives and restores us back to the person He has created us to be. Linda writes to prevent the single reader from going through the heartaches that singleness often brings. She gives practical examples and encouraging words along with scriptures—without preaching—that we can apply to our daily single life.

There is another important topic that Linda touches on. Through Linda’s journey, there were times when she felt more rejection than compassion from some of her Christian friends and fellow church members, teaching us the importance of walking along side of our single friends rather than judging them when they are going through challenging times. Praying and showing Christ’s love will heal their broken hearts much faster than snubbing our judgmental nose at them. I know, because I’ve been on both sides of the fence on this one.

Single, but not Alone comes complete with questions and has a study guide/journal. Linda writes in an engaging, informational and enticing way to help make your joyful journey of singleness a success…step by step. So read on, and enjoy the journey.

Single but not alone is about the authors personal journey of disappointment which led to great change. Through that change the author found healing, forgiveness and herself. Through this process she was then able to find and receive the greatest thing of all, love. It is her hope that as you read this, you too will find some words of wisdom in this to help you on your journey.

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